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At Whiteoak Outdoors, we specialize in creating breathtaking infinity pools that promise an escape into serenity and luxury. Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen is dedicated to delivering a slice of paradise right in your backyard.

Why Choose an Infinity Pool?

Seamless Beauty: Infinity pools, also known as negative edge pools, are known for their visually stunning effect. The water flows over one or more edges, creating a mesmerizing illusion of blending with the horizon.

Custom Elegance: Each infinity pool we design is a unique work of art, tailored to the landscape and your personal style, ensuring that no two pools are the same.

Enhanced Relaxation: The tranquil sound of water flowing over the edge provides a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

Our Design and Construction Process

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin with understanding your vision, discussing possibilities, and surveying your site.
  2. Tailored Design: Our designers develop a customized plan, incorporating your preferences and the natural surroundings.
  3. Quality Construction: We use only premium materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure durability and beauty.
  4. Final Touches: From decking to landscaping, we handle every detail to perfect your infinity pool experience.

In Process...

View projects as they’re in the construction phase, where the design comes to life!

Innovative Features Designed for Freeform Pools

Advanced Filtration: Experience crystal-clear water with our cutting-edge filtration systems.

Energy Efficiency: Our pools are designed with energy-saving technologies for sustainable luxury.

Custom Lighting: Set the mood with customizable lighting options that make your pool a nighttime spectacle.

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